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Due to the kind of work they do, nurses need to be advised on the kind shoes fit for their work. They work for very long hours and standing takes more than half of their time. Standing for many hours predisposes them to conditions like deep vein thrombosis and varicosities. These conditions are the reason why nurses need to choose comfortable footwear all along to keep them safe. The shoes are of different designs, shapes, and varieties. The shoes perform differently and changes how nurses feel all over the day and if not comfortable can bring about confusion and thus stress. They should check the factors below when choosing their shoes.

Comfort and weight of the shoes are not to be undermined.

If the shoes are heavy then it is likely for the nurse to have a bad mood in the day. Lightweight shoes are so nice and fit when one spends time standing. Lightweight shoes and a pair of compression shoes improve circulation and flow of the blood. Also the shoe should be slip resistance and at times. There are chances of liquids spilling on the ground and a nurse should not fall from these liquids because it causes injury to both the nurse and the patients. Even if there are no liquids then they should have good slip resistance features.

The shoes should have ability to support them and have great stability.

Due to the fact that nurses work for very long shifts then stability and support is of importance for comfort and health purposes. By considering comfort and stability one should get back and ankle support which will reduce back and leg pain. Always they should check the heel, shape, design and the material for their own good.

The design and shape of the shoe matters too.

One should have the shoe that fits their type of feet to improve comfort ability. The shoe should be of great advantage, favor their medical conditions and fit their working surface. If one is not so sure about their feet they should visit the foot doctor for more advice according to their type of foot. In some institutions the shoes to wear are set by the company so one should check before applying but it is advisable that one should replace style with comfort when it comes to shoes.

Not all nurses who do their work standing all time some of them sit so the nurse should consider their work function. Even if it means having two pair of shoes to use when sitting and the other when standing it is fine as long as they are comfortable. The shoes may be costly but comfort given by them is more than that cost. The benefits are quantified in terms of better health and feet thus saving money for treatment.

Nurses have choices to make even in their sports shoes. They should choose the shoes which will prevent varicose veins and embolisms which lie on one of the side of spectrum. It does not matter which color they have but the shoes serve the same purpose. The sports shoes are of different kinds like the comfortable tennis shoes for the nurses and the clogs, slip-on and other unspecified footwear for nurses. The shoes are very are of different sizes and can fit all irrespective of their feet.