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As I mentioned before in another article, the metal braces can be of 2 main categories: the braces with brackets that have their own system to connect to the archwire (self-ligating) and the ones that need ligatures to do this. This article will present the self-ligating bracket braces; the best known being the Damon braces.

These are still metal braces, but with a revolutionary ligating system, excellent results and in many cases no need for extractions. The system was created by the orthodontist Dwight Damon.

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In many cases for the adults who cannot wear palatal expanders (it’s useless since they are no more kids so their bone structure now is final) extractions are needed. When the teeth are too big for the small mouth, the only way to make them “fit” is to extract some (usually the first pre-molars are extracted thus leaving enough space that will not show. The Damon System doesn’t require extractions all the time since it can solve the problems without any teeth being pulled.

In my case for instance extractions were needed since my teeth were way too large for them to fit. In this case the Damon braces needed these extractions too so that they can arrange the teeth properly. It all depends on your personal case and the way your orthodontist sees your treatment.

The good thing about the Damon braces is they no longer need those colourful ligatures. Sure, they can be cute, but why use them if we can do without? This is what Damon thought when he implemented the “sliding-doors” system on the brackets that close and open with no external help from ligatures.

The Damon braces have their brackets smaller (there are already some partially ceramic ones) and they look pretty good. I haven’t worn braces on all teeth, but I saw many patients who were fully braced and their braces really looked nice. The small stainless steel brackets looked like small silver jewels on their teeth.

And, if you want a funny aspect: they do attract the magnet. Yeah, I tried it too

Here are some of the advantages of the Damon braces:

  • the brackets are smaller and look pretty nice
  • no ligatures mean less chances to catch all that food in there
  • they work faster and the results are sometimes astounding (in my case I had an incisor move 7 mm in just 4 months)
  • it’s a new system and it’s getting improved constantly.

The disadvantages now, sure we have them too:

  • they are still metal braces and offer you that “metal mouth” look
  • the treatment is more costly than in the “classical” braces case
  • the orthodontists need to be accredited to use the system. For a list of them, please consult the official DAMON site.
  • the treatment can be painful in the first days, you’ll also have mouth sores (treatable with dental wax).

Still the Damon System is a great idea if you want to have a good metal braces orthodontic treatment. I used them for just 7 months in preparation for the Invisalign treatment, but the results were just amazing.